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GreenPlumbers USA

Anytime, Anywhere Green Plumbers Training

Environmental Education on your schedule!

If you're ready to take the next step in your career and want more opportunities to shine, you've found it! The Green Plumbers concepts benefit everyone!

Learn how we got to where we are now, where water is more important than oil.

Learn the importance of becoming an advisor to your customers/property owners to increase your bottom line with happy clients.

Show them fixtures, fixture fittings and accessories that really work using less water because they were designed, from the ground up, to work well with less.

Learn about the controversies of Global Warming and Climate Change so you can understand what it's about and be able to show your customer/property owners how they can reduce their Green House Gasses by delivering hot water more efficiently and with greater satisfaction.

For a complete outline of the full training, see the class content/ outlines here

We've heard your concerns and we think have made it easier to acquire the "Gold Standard" for environmental education in the plumbing trade:

Enrolled Green Plumbers Training includes Caring For our Water, nine 40 to 60 minute webinars to assist you in beginning your environmental journey. It also includes the eBook version of the recently released Green Plumbers Reference Manual. This manual has gotten rave reviews from industry experts. It is over 450 pages of new information, illustrations, full color pictures, suggestions and self tests with a portion of almost every page dedicated for your notes. It is designed for use during your training, your exam, in the office and on the job. The webinars can be viewed on almost any Android or Apple, smartphones or tablets and modern laptops and desktop computer

with eBook version of the Green Plumbers Reference Manual

with print version of the Green Plumbers Reference Manual (highly recommended and preferred by plumbers 10 to 1)

If you chose the eBook version you will need to register and download (both steps are free) with Adobe Digital Editions to unlock the book for use.

There is also a disclaimer you must accept informing you that you may at no time use the Green Plumbers logo either personally or to promote a business just because you are enrolled in or are a fully Accredited Green Plumber. The logo is owned by a firm in Australia and if you want to become a Green Plumber Licensee to use the logo you must contact Green Plumbers USA. You are authorized to use the Green Plumber Training logo for your personalized documents, emails, business cards or a patch on your uniform or jacket. It may not be used in any way to promote a business.

Upon completion of all the courses, verified plumbers become eligible to take the Accredited Green Plumbers exam at their own expense. The exam is currently administered by National Inspection Testing Certification (NITC) and can be taken at their office or at over 200 PSI test facilities. Exam info here.

If you have any questions, issues or problems please contact or by phone toll free at 1(877)427-6001