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Caring For Our Water Links

Water on the earth 
Outhouse Movie 
Reflections From the Past 
Water on Tap 
Brown & Caldwell water news 
Water Filtration Video 
Waste Water Treatment Cycle 
Federal Clean Water Act 
Safe Drinking Water Act 
Water For Tomorrow 
Water Sense 
Stop Running Toilets video 
3 1/2 Year Drought video 
EnergyStar Rebate Link 
Water Shed Contamination video 
MaP testing info 
Water Sense toilet info 
HET Toilet Flush 
Hydro Clean Fill Valve 
Penguin Toilet 
H20 Guard fill valve 
Drainline study 
PERC Drainline Study
Niagara Stealth Water Closet 
Shower Head video 
Barry Walter catalog 
Hot water on demand video 
Recycled/Reclaimed water 

Climate Care Links

CBS Sixty Minutes – January 2008                            
A different take on the changing climate                  
Energy Star Video  
Water Heater Rescue 
Watch Vertex video 
Phoenix Water heater  
Polaris Water heater 
Energy Star Water heater Heat Pump info 
Power-Pipe video
GFX Heat-Xchanger video  
BioMass Furnace  
GeoThermal Water Furnace  
Composting Toilet  
Wave Energy  

Water Efficient Technology Links

Anybody Can Do It   
Low Impact Development  
Permeable Paving   
Rainwater Capture Video  
Rainfall statistics   
Aqus Graywater System   
Aqus Graywater video
Brac Greywater video  
ReWater System video  
Nubian Graywater Video     
Aquaverde Inc.   

Solar Links

PV Efficiency 
Magnetic declination 1590-1990 
Declination Tool 
Solar Noon Graphic 
Solar Noon Tool 
Solar Pathfinder tool 
Sun Statistics 
Evacuated tube riser pipe 
Solar Fraction Study 
Fafco Video 
DSIRE website 

Inspection Report Service Links

Water Sense rebate finder 
Flushmate rebate finder 
Energy Star 
Omega Flowmeter link 
T5 Flushmeter 
Pasco 1428 Pressure gauge 
SWAT Irrigation info      
SWAT irrigation video  
Liquid Pool cover 
Pool BTU loss 
50 cities Water & Sewer 

Additional Links

Electric tankless water heater manufacturers

  • Seisco-Microtherm                       
  • Stiebel-Eltron                                
  • Bosch                                              
  • EE Max                                             

Gas tankless water heater manufacturers  

On Demand circulation systems

Water heater maintenance  

Electric and Gas storage and tankless water heater manufacturers

  • A.O. Smith                                           
  • Bradford White                                   
  • Rheem                                                   
  • Ruud                                                        
  • American                                                   
  • State