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Green Plumbers® training consists of a five-course, 32-hour accreditation in environmental and technical issues including Climate Care (8 hrs), Caring For Our Water (8 hrs), Solar Hot Water (4 hrs), Water Efficient Technology (8 hrs), and Inspection Report Services (4 hrs).

GreenPlumbers training programs are designed to assist plumbers in understanding their role in relation to environmental & public health, and to provide their customers with up-to-date information and advice on:
• latest technology and energy saving appliances
• practical appliances & installation knowledge
• environmental impacts of plumbing services, appliances and household practices
• consumer information
• energy/water/cost savings (short-term and long-term cost comparisons and environmental benefits)

Caring For Our Water by understanding the water cycle process and the new technologies and behaviors that contribute to increased conservation. Topics covered include:

- Global Water
- How we got here
- Water Efficient Products
- New Technology
- Reducing Household Water Use
- Intro to Water Audits
Caring for Our Water - Full Course Outline
Download PDF of Full Course Outline

Comprehensive instruction on Climate Care including gas emissions in home and business. Topics covered include:

- The Greenhouse Gases
- The water/energy nexus
- Energy consumption
- Energy Efficient Equipment
- Greenhouse Gas Abatement
- Water Heating equipment
- Efficient Hot Water Delivery
- Emerging Technology
Climate Care - Full Course Outline
Download PDF of Full Course Outline

An overview of the dynamic technologies that will shape future conservation efforts, Water Efficient Technology includes:

- Potential Hazards
- Rainwater Capture
- Graywater Reuse
- Calculating Condensate
- On Site Wastewater Treatment
- Reclaimed/Recycled Water
- Water Treatment
Water Efficient Technology - Full Course Outline
Download PDF of Full Course Outline

Overview of Solar Hot Water technologies instruction including:

- Does It Work?
- Site Survey
- Sizing
- Classic Solar Thermal
- New Solar Technologies
- Design Strategies
- Retrofitting
- Utility Rebates/Tax Credits
Solar Hot Water - Full Course Outline
Download PDF of Full Course Outline

Building Plumbing Inspection is an overview of domestic and commercial water auditing, inspections and reporting, assessment and strategies, including:

- The Inspection Report Tool Kit
- Water and Energy related Audits
- Commercial/Industrial/Residential Buildings
- Review of Water/Energy Efficient Products
- Creating a Master Plan for the Future
Building Plumbing Inspection - Full Course Outline 
Download PDF of Full Course Outline